Tuesday, 20 November 2007

star light star bright

I bought my first Christmas ornaments of the season today.

My tree is covered in Christmas memories - worn ornaments from my childhood, a few scattered mementos from the years in my first apartment (there's also a small spray of silk flowers that I wore in my hair my first prom and a mirrored string of stars that was one of the decorations at a friends wedding) and a few funny painted and glued things that Cass has brought home.

It's a kaleidoscope of things I loved and things people I love gave me.

Every year I buy a star ornament. I'm not sure why I'm drawn to stars, but they look terrific among the toy trains and chipped unicorns, and glitter sweetly in the lights.

Today I bought a tub of fifteen opalescent snowflakes, each about the size of my palm. They'll blend nicely, I think.

This weekend I think I'll get the shaker bottles of glitter and the glue sticks out from where I hid them last year, and dig out the construction paper, popsicle sticks, and pipe cleaners. Introduce Rosey to the pleasures of covering yourself in shreds of sparklies and cut up bits.

There's always room on the tree for more memories.

(And in re-reading this I realized it sounds like I have my Christmas tree up already. To paraphrase the jolly elf.....NO,NO,NO - not until December, at least!)


Angewl said...

I wrote something about my tree last year. Sounds like we both feel the same way about our trees. lol


Green fodder said...

wow... u already fastforwarding me to the christmas time with this charming post of yours..

jokee75 said...

What ... there's something wrong with putting your tree up early? We put ours up on Sunday the 18th. We put on the Santa Claus parade and Christmas music and decorate. I love Christmas!!!

daysgoby said...

angewl - loved that post.

jokee - Nothing wrong with it. Unfortunately, I have two kids and monster dog with a big, waving tail....the shorter the tree is up, the better....

Sarah Louise said...

hmm, maybe that's what I'll do tomorrow whilst waiting for the family to arrive. (put up the tree, I mean)

(Mine is an artificial table top kind)

I love my tree. Thanks for sharing your traditions.

motherbumper said...

ohhhhhh I can't wait until I can do glitter with B - but right now the potential disasters outweigh the cuteness.

My parent's tree is full of my Christmas memories but this year I will [finally] start my own. My parents have given me some beautiful ornaments over the year and they have been itching to be hung. Now if only I could remember where I packed them away.

Dawn said...

That sounds really great, and are those ornaments that look like gum drop balls really gum drop balls? Either way they are awesome! I fucking love Christmas!

daysgoby said...

Dawn -
They are - the original recipe is here..


but when I went hunting for wreath shapes (with C who was hot to do this) we couldn't find any, so we bought round styrofoam balls instead and put pipe cleaners around....

Jenny said...

I love the sugarplum ornaments.