Friday, 9 November 2007

the baby's name is barbie


And even though Rosey was up most of the night (she said, gripping her coffee mug tightly - Where's my refill?) with some sort of croup-y thing that descended out of nowhere, this morning I packed her up and we went out to score her reward.

First she wanted a fairy-tale Barbie. Then the one with the kitty toy.

Then after I'd broken her heart (kiddo, I can guarantee you that you're going to have to keep your pants dry for a long time before Dad will let you score a 60 dollar Barbie styling head) she spied the baby doll section.

And suddenly Barbie didn't matter so much anymore.

Okey-doke*, a baby doll, then. Since there were about two aisles worth, I thumbed through my purse to see if I had any reading material, planning to be there awhile.

But she lost her heart quickly - to a baby doll that came with a spare outfit, a plastic potty (The irony! It slays me!) and a plastic diaper bag to keep everything in. And not in pink - in purple, to my surprise.

On the way home, R was talking softly to her new toy.

'Her name is Barbie, Mama.'

Of course it is. What else could she be called?

*My spell checker wants to make this ikey-dikes. This may become my new catchword.


velcro said...

well done Rosie! I have to confess we went the smarties route - 1 for a pee, and 2 for a pooh. I'm not sure a babydoll would have done it for him!

M&Co. said...

See! Bribery can be VERY effective!

Erin said...


Now, Jess, can you come down and camp out at my house for ... a while and do the same thing with Emily? Please? Pretty please? No?

Oh. Doesn't hurt to ask. :)

Molly said...

Good for Rosie! Does her new baby also have a middle name??

Angewl said...

YEAH ROSEY!!!!!!!!


I lose my heart in the baby and barbie aisles as well. lol

S has peed in the potty 4 or 5 times now and pooped once. NOTHING worked for her. BUT, she is doing this on her own. I guess she just got it in her head to potty now. lol

jAMiE said...

Awww, cute..i love purple too.

Stomper Girl said...

Go Rosey!

ikey-dike would be how we say okey doke here in Austarlia.