Sunday, 4 November 2007

i was blind but now I see

Tonight the power came back on. And I did a little dance and ran around hugging lampshades.

Last night, the remnants of Hurricane Noel rampaged through, snapping trees and downing power lines right and left. Our power held on, grimly, until just about two a.m. Then all was quiet.

The children were not thrilled with the prospect of a day with no tv, no computer, no running water, and no (flushing) toilet, but B and I tried to make an adventure of it and they played together outside and on the porch quite happily.

Bear is at work tonight, so after darkness fell the kids were shooed off to bed and I sat reading by candlelight, wondering how in hell everyone pre-electricity wasn't stone-blind. (And overcome by scented candle fumes. Oh, wait - they didn't have scented candles, did they? Shame. Might have lifted them out of their depressions when they realized they were going stone-blind.) And raiding the leftover H'ween candy for suckers, astonished how silent the house is without the dishwasher or the washer or a fan going.

I was nodding off (see: stone-blind, above) when there was a click, and a click, and a whump! and the power was - gloriously - back on!

Do a little dance! Make a get the point.

We had settled in for the long haul, bracing ourselves for days of darkness (NS Power was estimating the power would go back on TUESDAY - and yes, it's happened before) but this time, they triumphed! Hurrah for the power company!


Liv said...

I am so glad your power came back on. I know how that is. When I lived in Kentucky I was constantly dealing with power outages. Tornado's come through there a lot.

A couple of months ago the power went off because Germ forgot to pay the bill. We didn't realize it until we came home from work, it was 5:30pm and 93 degrees in our house. We were horrified. It took them about 5 hours to turn it back on because they were working an accident area. Now he pays on time :)

Angewl said...

I am so glad they got it back on before the time they predicted!

I would have been crazy. lol

have you ever had them come back on and realized after you jumped 10 feet that you had left the TV or radio on quite loud?

meggie said...

I am so glad you got your power back on. Also glad you had no damage.
You have been so busy posting! I am used to dropping in every couple of days!
Good posts!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Shock! Are you supposed to have hurricanes up your way?

daysgoby said...

I know, LGS, no one ever thinks about Nova Scotia having hurricanes - we're not even remotely tropical - but anything that moves up the eastern seaboard we'll get the tail end of.

Ang, last night there was this funny bubbly noise in the background once the power came back on - I couldn't place it for about twenty minutes, then suddenly I realized - that's water!
One of the chilluns had left the bathroom faucet on.

Liv - Remember tornado drills? I went to school in Michigan - I remember those really well!

daysgoby said...

Meggie - Thank you! You've been posting quite a bit lately too! Think it's the change of seasons?

Erin said...

Woo! So glad that you guys made it through the storm ok. Mike's family (and now ours, too) has a tradition of eating ice cream when the power is out, so I kind of look forward to power outages. But, you know, not for days on end or anything. :)

Anonymous said...

You are soooo lucky Jess, we are still waiting for our power. Staying at the in-laws. {but that is fun} Crystell

witchypoo said...

After Hurricane Juan made landfall here four years ago, we became paranoid, and boy, did I prepare for power outtages for Noel!
I cooked all the meat in the freezer, figuring we could eat cold, cooked meals instead of having it go bad.
The electricity stayed on this time, sorry you got hit!

Stomper Girl said...

Glad you survived the hurricane with only some eye and nasal damage.