Friday, 16 November 2007

hopping around like the easter bunny on speed

I have nine books to read and a rainy, wet weekend to enjoy them in.

Today I bought Chocolate Chai Tea - which, it must be said, tastes not really chocolaty or chai-ish, but is instead like drinking hot Yoohoo - and some cheese bread and I think I'm going to eat myself into a carbohydrate coma and float away, nose deep in a book.

Ha. A girl can dream.

Tomorrow, I must:

Get Rosey's hair cut before she runs into something and injures herself. Yes, her bangs are that long.
Make a hair appointment for myself next Tuesday so I don't have either of the beloveds rug rats with me when I go, so I can relax instead of startling the hairdresser with the hairy Mom eyeball when they inevitably misbehave.
Round up a scripture verse reader for one of the services this weekend and email the minister.
Find some paperwork which I know is here somewhere, but where in hell is it?
Get tennis shoes for both the kids and Rosey needs slippers too. (Damn, they grow fast!)
Make ham-and-bean soup and chili, possibly, dependent upon how cold it gets.
READ some blogs instead of frantically trying to post all the time. This is the big draw-back of NaBloPoMo, and as Sarah Louise says, December should be known as NaREADSBloMo. A good suggestion.
Oh, and I want to make phone calls to relatives and write letters.

That should leave me plenty of time to read, right?
(birds chirp) Right?

Well, maybe I'll have time on Sunday....


Sarah Louise said...

you quoted me, wow!

that is a crazy list--hope you got stuff done.

BabelBabe said...

how could you not tell us the nine books??? Inquiring minds...

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