Tuesday, 27 November 2007

some things I am not meant to understand

B is watching tv. It's wrestling.

I'm over in the corner on the computer, trying not to listen and getting sucked in anyway.

B: (at the screen) What the...? Aww, really?
Me: Boy, the women sure screech a lot at each other.
B: It's supposed to be like that.
Me: Oh.

a few minutes later

Me: Isn't this like a giant pissing match?
B: (shoots look my way) It's wrestling.
Me: Oh.

a few minutes later

Me: So Chicken Feathered Man is buddies with Neanderthal Man? Aww...
B: Uh.
Me: Y'know, it's nice that he has friends. You'd think he'd be ostracized on the playground...

B: So, are you finishing something on the computer?


alison said...

I don't understand wrestling either. Or the three stooges. I think that appreciation for either requires a Y chromosome.

witchypoo said...

I do that too. Mention something pressing that I know Ass Burger Boy will want to do.
It's code for shut up.

Angewl said...

College wrestling or WWE/TNA wrestling? lol

Bubba is ADDICTED wrestling, and not the college kind either. (sigh....)

Sarah Louise said...

So, are you finishing something on the computer?

cannot stop laughing. Hee!

Badger said...

Here is a little-known fact about me that I have never revealed until now: I used to be HUGE into wrestling. Back in the days of The Great Kabuki? And the Von Erichs? Yeah. Embarrassing.

Even more embarrassing: I am squealing with excitement over the fact that NBC (here in the US) is bringing back American Gladiators.

Now you know.