Friday, 23 November 2007

passing on dubious pursuits

Bear's been making noises about buying a game system for Christmas. Supposedly for the children.

To be fair, Cassidy has been clamouring for one since the first day he walked into school. All that wholesome peer pressure, and that.

B researched them, and I put the kibosh on buying a new one ($400 dollars? Are you KIDDING?) and we'll see if we get a system at all, but in the meantime...

Cass was given some money from his grandfather for having a splendiforous report card*, and decided he wanted to pick out a toy. While he was deciding which model plane he wanted, I spied something.Something I remembered from way back.

Sonic the Hedgehog.

I ambled over and picked up the package.

Okay, plug-and-play. Okay, Sonic, Ecco the Dolphon, Columns, a few more I didn't really remember....ten bucks? Sold.

And now my six year old is beating my bum on Sonic.

Although I can still outjump him while playing Ecco.

*A) The kid is a genius. All his teachers agree. Well, they used words like 'really enjoys school' and 'clearly understands all the concepts we talk about', but I knew what they meant.


B)Bear and his siblings are still gape-mouthed in disbelief. Money? for grades? But we never.... Funny how the rules don't apply for grandkids.


Angewl said...

I loved Sonic, but PacMan was my main man. lol

I really enjoy pinball. Real pinball. Would love to have one of those!

I totally believe he has genius in his genes.

Kristina said...

Those games are so addictive! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog :) Congrats on that super genius child of yours !

meggie said...

Grandkids are someone elses responsibility!! hah haha!

witchypoo said...

*tag* you're it.
I'm hoping that it will come in handy on a saturday.
I'm referring to the meme I tagged you for.

evilpinkcupcake said...

ohhhh I used to LOOOOOOVE me some Sonic! I wanna play too!!!!