Tuesday, 27 November 2007

and here I'd never been missing not having one

Today I:

-went to the local Job Shop, where I had to wait for fifteen minutes for the secretary to quit yapping about music and help me with the ten-second procedure I needed help with.* (I'm not sure if my irritation was evident, or it was simply that I didn't have a penis like the two guys that were leaning on the counter when I got there that was the problem...)

-went to the library and found oodles and oodles of Christmas books,

-made Turkey Chop Suey, and now the Reign Of Turkey is over.

-decided Christmas will NOT be turkey at our house, probably prime rib like last year. Or lamb! Huzzah!

-heard Rosey's (loud and proud) new phrase: What the hell is THAT?

-realized it's near impossible to correct your daughter when you're knocked to the floor, laughing fit to kill.

All in all, not a great people day. But tomorrow will be better. The Boy has a playdate after school and B will be gone much of the day, so it'll be just me and the pottymouth. Hmm. Need to think of fun things for her to do.

*She: raises her eyebrows at me.
I: (not liking this at all, muttering under my breath Yeah. I gotcha. You're grinchy.) Can you please see that this gets in the dispatch bag for tonight?
She: Oh. Is that all?
I: It is!


jeneflower said...

Now you got Talking Heads playing over and over in my head.

This is not my beautiful house...over and over....

That's O.K. I forgive you. I feel your pain about waiting to get service. At our post office they have to take people in military uniform before civilians- so I just sit there in line forever while they serve the men that come in one after another.

alison said...

Maybe you can borrow a penis for the next time you go shopping.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Um, I have decided not to comment on your current post but...taa daa... to announce that you have an award awaiting you at my site.

meggie said...

I had to laugh at the What the Hell is that?
SG went through that & after laughing hysterically the first time, we had to explain that he had better not be saying it all the time. He did sound just like his mother thoug!!

witchypoo said...

Have you tried the honey smoked spiral cut hams for a festive occasion? They bake in about an hour and you can make sammiches and pea soup after, so yummy and way less cleanup than turkey.

Angewl said...

hahaha It is so hard to not laugh. I am so glad I am not the only one.

I know you've read my blog and read about my little potty mouth. lol