Saturday, 19 April 2008

well, that was fun

I drove as fast as I dared with one hand, holding the plastic bag as far away and as tightly as I could.

'Hold on honey,' I tossed back over my shoulder, 'we're almost home.'

I snuck a look back at my son. He was white again, damn it. A spasm worked its way across his face.

'Mo-om! I need another bag!'

I increased my speed.

Somehow I never pictured this when I went for my first ultrasound.

Cass went to a birthday party this morning and bounced his way through, no signs of trouble - then began his descent into the nether world to look wan and peaky when we were leaving the park.

Wheee! Another ride on the Ick Express.


Isabelle said...

Oh yes, how I remember that sort of thing. But there's worse, far worse, to come. It's when some stranger, some person who's only just met your child, picks him/her out and they start going out together. I mean, they may all be eighteen but hey, what makes you think you can have my child? Mine, mine!

You don't think about that when you see the ultrasound either, do you? Or in my case, just hear the heartbeat (it was a long time ago).

Hope the vomiting stops soon.

kimmyk said...

i hate that ride.

we all just got off of it here this week. thankfully my kids didn't puke in the car or i woulda thrown up my damn self.

hope your little guy is feelin better.

Anonymous said...

A stomach bug or too much cake and ice cream?

Hang in there!

Sue said...

:-( Hope he feels better soon. I hate it when my kids get sick... it's not fair!