Sunday, 6 April 2008

creature comfort

The dog is loving on me.

This is suspect. Highly suspect. While I like him (a lot) and he likes me, usually we're not cuddly-buddies. He's not usually sitting with his head on my knee, looking at me with soulful brown eyes and whumping his tail against the tiles whenever I turn my head that way.

I understand that he gets lonely down here by himself at night. I do. But given the Spitting Tiger, Dog-Heart-Eater Dragon act the cat puts on when he sneaks upstairs, it might be safer for him to remain on the first floor. (Really. Chumba was pissed. And that's 30+ lbs of frenzied angry yaller cat coming out of nowhere to hiss and pound Jasper with flying paws o' fury.)

He doesn't have to go out. We (he and I) just made the rounds.

Shall I eat an acorn? Whassat? Was that a noise? Should I stand here for hours like a stone and growl softly, freaking you out? Me: Dumbass, that's the wheelbarrow. Oh! Okay. Let's circle and circle and circle and circle and look! Another crunchy acorn! Maybe I should pee here. No! Here! Wait for it...wait for it....psyche! I was never going to pee there! That joke never gets old, does it?

He's not hungry or thirsty or needing a treat* (he did have those acorns, after all!)

He just wants cuddles and a hug before I go upstairs.

Sometimes, that's all we need.

*Poor dog, what a terrible life. I should take pictures of him at three am, when he's sacked out, happily snoring and spreading hair on the EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN couch, all legs in the air.


Stomper Girl said...

Aww. He and the kitty need to make friends, or my heart will break.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Our dog used to sneak on to the Forbidden Sofa, too. The first few times he did it I only knew because the sofa was warm and, well, furry. The next tine, I caught him jumping off and running out of the room when he heard me coming, Eventually he would just lift one eyelid and give me a "Yeah. whatever"kind of sniff before falling asleep again. How can you be mad at them when they look at you like that?

beagle said...

Awwww! A boy and his dog.
Love it!

alison said...

Total snicker-fest reading the dog's inner thoughts. Max does the jump in and out of the littebox - maybe I'll pee now. Nope, maybe later. Or now, nah, not yet - thing. It might be related.

Vanessa said...

If you're ever up at 3am, I'd love to see that picture!

kittenpie said...

Ha! My cats are ALWAYS on me, so on the contrary, I wonder what's up when they are nowhere to be found. Except that it usually means they are taking their opportunity to sleep on my bed.

And hey - so cool you met Calvin Trillin! I'm chewing through his whole catalogue right now, and loving it. He writes a fair bit about his summers in NS, too. Neat. (and thanks for dropping by LIfe of 'Pie!)

Wisconsin Crunchy Mama said...

G and I are lol'ing here (I had to read it to him after I started giggling) that you can read his mind like that. ;)

meggie said...

Oh these dogs can be so manipulative! They know which buttons to press, to get their own ways.