Monday, 14 April 2008

monday cruddy monday

Mr. Cass stayed home from school today. As he drooped around the house, looking feverish and wan in his Spiderman pajamas and agreeing that perhaps just a sip of Sprite would be okay I plied him with Tylenol and cough syrup* and fussed for a bit before I grew tired of the whole thing and banished him to the couch to watch movies and recoup over there, with all his germs contained in one room.

Rosey went to a program today to learn songs and dances and things. (Part of Operation Pump [clap] Her Up) It was a lovely program and R had a good time, but sadly she was the oldest child there (I was hoping for more kids her age for her to interact with) and spent most of the time watching the babies and eying the slide in the corner. Next week, though, I think she'll be more relaxed and interested.

B slept most of the day and jollied Cassidy out of the 'It's nice outside and you won't let me go ouuuuuut' (otherwise known as the Slightly-Still-Sick Kid Blues) and then escaped to go cut wood.

I spent the day with a can of shaving cream and some food coloring. I'm now bald and six different shades of splashy blue.

No, not really. Tell you later. (wink)

*I can hear the cries of outrage winding up. Let me face this head-on. I give both my kids cough syrup. I know about the studies that show they don't work. I also know that both my kids sleep better and don't cough as much when I give it to them.


witchypoo said...

You had me at the shaving cream.
Blue food colouring?

Angewl said...

Can't wait to hear what you're up to!

I hope Cass feels better.

I also give cough syrup and cold medicines to my kids.

Christy said...

Hmmm. Whatever you did with the shaving cream and food coloring sounds pretty...

The cough syrup thing? I agree with you.

Too bad some people had to abuse it--like putting it, straight, in baby bottles.

blackbird said...

Shaving cream, eh?

M&Co. said...

Benadryl is a staple at our house.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if morphine were readily available and in bubble gum flavor, I'd dose my kids at the first sign of a sniffle.

fifi said...

I give cough syrup too. What on earth else? At least they get some sleep.