Tuesday, 29 April 2008

buttons pop

Tomorrow I'll take time out of the Big Grocery Shop and Nursing the Ailing Three Year Old (and the Third Child) and looking at paint chips (yes, yet again) and attempting to figure out what is wrong with FIL's cat (loong story.) because:

Cass sings at the Music Festival.

He's a little leery of this and not sure he really wants to, but three months ago it sounded a lot more fun, you see, and so now he's signed up for not only the class presentation but a solo performance as well.

(A solo....that he's singing with two other boys. Not exactly sure how this works, but it'll be good. I'm sure.)

Tomorrow is the group performance. He picked out his clothes tonight, agonizing over individualism versus blending in (and the Hawaiian shirt won again, at least as of now)

and went to bed humming.

Tomorrow afternoon I'll go and cheer him on.

In a world where so many things are thrust upon us at once, sometimes it's just nice to stop

and hear the young'uns sing.


Stomper Girl said...

i hope it turns out to be as much fun as it sounded 3 months ago for him!

womaninawindow said...

I like to think of you with an east Coast accent. Have you picked it up? Your kids? Your husband? Of course. I wish him luck with his singing. It might be one of those forever memories. I remember singing when I was 5 with a big cardboard cut-out flower around my head. I can still remember the hardwood floors under foot and the dust rising just a little bit as we shifted waiting for our time to go on.

OvaGirl said...

Hope it all went well. Loved your picture post too and your 'doll story'.

Sue said...

I don't know too many boys that like and want to sing. This is cute!

Elizabeth said...

Those recitals are always heart-in-throat moments for me. They may each be singing a part of the song alone, hence the 'solo'?
I'm currently in band concert mode with Littlest, it must be spring...

Molly said...

I'm cheering for him from way down here---can you hear me Cass??

Deanna said...

Painting? I was just looking at these painted rooms:


I thought you might like looking at them.

Poppy Buxom said...

Oh my gosh, he is beautiful. Lucky you! Enjoy him.cfoq

Poppy Buxom said...

Um, sorry about the potty mouth cfoqing.

Word verification can be very intrusive, you know. xqhyn!