Wednesday, 16 April 2008

at least they don't harass the children

Spring must be here, because the peepers are back!

Last weekend, we had one sad and lonely one.

Then Tuesday, there were three.

Then tonight (so far) I've heard at least six....

Do I live in a rotten neighborhood? Have strangers roaming around my house all the time! No!

This article has sound recordings of them about halfway down the page.

Wanna hear what my neighborhood weirdos sound like?


witchypoo said...

You mean not everyone measures spring by the peepers?
Oh, I get it, they call them something else. Cause everyone here knows what peepers are. They're the critters going peep peep.
And, was I out of line with the Grand Manan story?

alison said...

Peepers aren't out here just yet. We're presently being deafened by large flocks of red-winged blackbirds that start singing/calling just before dawn. Good thing I'm a morning person.

Can't wait to hear the peepers.

Ree said...

My cue that Spring is back is the hornets that I've been watching from my window.

Charlynn said...

I don't think that we have peepers in Alberta-if we do I've never heard them. I miss the peepers, I miss NS. Have you ever seen one? They are the tiny ones aren't they?

Loth said...

Oh cute! We don't have those in Scotland. Is that the same kind of frog as the big plastic model stuck to the front of the Natural History museum in Halifax? (I love that thing!)

womaninawindow said...

gotta love those peepers. Life is so quiet here we don't even have 'em. Northern Ontario. Just a lot of rock. don't make much noise.