Sunday, 13 April 2008

a tale of a pirate, a mountain, and fruity drinks

We have a Power Rangers movie at our house this weekend. It's surprisingly not as hokey as I thought it'd be.
The coming attractions were especially nice, with a long trailer all about Jack Sparrow (Mama says yum) and his dastardly adventures of the high seas.

'Oh, ' Cass said, 'that's Pirates of the Carabiners.'

I looked at the tv again. There was a mountain-climbing sequel? And I'd missed it?
Ohh...'No, honey, that's not carabiners. Try again.'

'Pirates of the Cabana?' Suntan oiled Johnny Depp with little umbrellas?

'Close enough.'


Jenty said...

Hee hee, that's so sweet!

Stomper Girl said...

of the cabana cracked me up. We've got a really old video of Power Rangers out from the library this week. The boys LOVE it but I think it's a bit strange...

Badger said...

I would totally go see Pirates of the Cabana.

alison said...

OK, I need a moment to think about Johnny on the beach. Um, what were you saying again?

Cass is funny.