Sunday, 2 November 2008

all about meme

imaginary binky tagged me for this

* Where is your mobile phone? Um, in the junk drawer? I really hate carrying it. It's de-activated, of course. I don't like being accessible all the time, and it was just silly bumping around with one.

* Where is your significant other? To my right about fifteen feet, hunched over his laptop on the couch. From all the disgusted muttering, I think he's facebook bowling.

* Your hair colour? Dark brown. There are a few (few!) remnants of some lighter streaks and a few (three or four!) grey strands.

* Your mother? Just hung up with her. She wanted me to count the Christmas ornaments she's sent to the kids the last few years. (Cass gets a fire engine ornament every year and a snowman ornament, and Bitsy gets angels and reindeer.) She found a bag of ornaments that she thought she sent to us last year and now wanted to make sure she wasn't inundating us with angels.

* Your father? I should email him and see if he had any trick-or-treaters, and where they're planning to spend Christmas this year.

* Your favorite thing? Right this minute? The patch-ed cat Lucy, who is snortling in my arms, passed out and happy that she's 'saved' me from the dog yet again.

* Your dream last night? Making an apple pie in someone else's kitchen. Never mind trespassing, I was upset because I couldn't find the measuring cups.

* Your dream goal? Published writer.

* The room you’re in? The living room. It has the pc and the laptop, the woodstove, and the tv. And the weight of the cat makes it hard to get up, even if I wanted to leave.

* Your hobby? Reading, writing, learning how to use my baybee camera.

* Your fear? Screwing up really badly in the motherhood department.

* Where do you want to be in six years? Tuscany.

* Where were you last night? Here. Giggling at Saturday Night Live. McC did a good job. And seemed to enjoy himself!

* What you’re not? Graceful. Poised. Chic. Daring.

* One of your wish-list items? Lenses for the baybee. 'How To Crochet For the Incredibly Needle-Challenged.'

* Where you grew up? Michigan, Illinois, Indiana.

* The last thing you did? Got a glass of ice-water and (ssssh!) two mini Crunchie bars.

* What are you wearing? A strategically placed towel and a red silk robe. No, not really, but now I know you're paying attention!

* Your TV? Getting old but I won't give it up until it gives up the ghost. B hates it because I won't listen to his dreams of having a big-ass wide screen. (rolls eyes)

* Your pets? We are a pet-happy family. We have:
the kitties: Katie, Lucy, and Chumba

Jasper 'Box O Rocks' the dawg

I like cats. You may have figured this out.

* Your computer? it's a pc. Other than that, I have no clue.

* Your mood? Getting irritated because msnbc is just going over things I already know about the election.

* Missing someone? My family, my friend C.

* Your car? Big old Blazer. Mommy's truck.

* Something you’re not wearing? A sweater.

* Favourite shop? Ebay. Etsy. Ikea.

* Your summer? Gone too soon.

* Love someone? Of course - what's life without love?

* Your favourite colour? Red.

* When is the last time you laughed? Tonight, while the kids and I were working with Cass on his math skills. If he got the problem right, I tickled him. If he got it wrong, I tickled Rosey. It was silly and wonderful.

* Last time you cried? Teared up a couple of times tonight watching the recap of the election. Some of the speeches Obama made still get to me.

Thanks Sarah! I'll try to return the favour (favor??) soon.


Suzanne said...

November in Canada? I'd check you into the looney bin if that's what you were really wearing that! Haven't you heard of freezing your bewbies off?

witchypoo said...

Suzanne, it isn't that cold here yet, and those woodstoves throw off a wicked heat.

Ree said...

Did I know you grew up in Michigan?

womaninawindow said...

ha, bewbies, hehehe...

Ok, red for you too? Power colour. Screw you colour. Happy colour. Me, too.

uuummmm, apple pie. Think I'm gonna go make me some.

Molly said...

Love your answers and your bow-o-rocks dawg! [May have to steal this--for NaBloPoMo---when the brain runs dry. Come to think of it, that happened in mid-Oct....]