Saturday, 22 November 2008

real versus robot


my next dog. But...really? I mean, it looks great, and I wouldn't have to make those gd trips outside in the SNOW and the COLD (oh did I mention it SNOWED last night? SO OVER all the white crap everywhere.) and I'll bet he eats less, but...

half the fun of having a dog is having it jump up near you. Or at least come when it's called. Methinks having a dog I could store in a closet might not be for the best.

Of course, everyone remembers the hoo-ha over Butterscotch*, right??

Yeah. The kiddles aren't getting any animatronic (especially not headless ones!) pets anytime soon!

Oh, and it snowed. Anyone want to emigrate somewhere warm? I suppose I'm too young to be a snowbird, huh?

*Please make sure you read all the comments on the Mama Drama site. Snort!


Woman said...

Oh, the headless Christmas' of the past!

Mary G said...

I trained a puppy in February in Ottawa. Gah. It's a wonder I still have toes and fingers.