Wednesday, 5 November 2008

yes we will

And we did.

It was awesome, watching the map turn blue and the returns come in; Twittering then chatting then talking on the phone with Major Bedhead, almost-certain-yet-wary, giant knots in my stomach, until

'CNN just called it' she said, and gasped.

And it was.

I think we were both crying at that point - disbelief that we'd both backed the winning team (she's a die-hard Red Sox fan, so she's used to disappointment, to having victory be snatched away at the last moment) and elation and a feeling I can only describe as hope - hope that some of the problems that face the United States will be worked on now, that good people will come together and begin to trail blaze a new beginning that we may follow.

For the first time in a long time, I have hope that someday when I go home that there will be a home left to go to.

Thank you.


witchypoo said...

Yep. The people that wanted to come and live in my garage are now offering me their spare bunks.

Amy Walters said...

No more old rich white Mcgrandpa's in the white house ever!!!!!!!!!!Free at last free at last....Lord almighty we are free at last.

womaninawindow said...

I wondered just how much you were celebrating. Hey, my husband gets to keep his American citizenship. It was all over if things went differently.

Dawn said...

I know it's amazing huh? I know I haven't been around but I had to check in just to make sure you were feeling it! It's awesome!

Sara said...

Great day!