Monday, 30 March 2009

day of grace, week nine

1) Blackberry jam on ice cream.

2) Looking my next project in the eye, breaking it down into stages and getting really excited about it.

3) Talking to my mother. She was so excited! The kids used chopsticks for the first time. Cass did an awesome job, and R perfected the one-fisted stab-it maneuver. I love hearing that in her voice.

4) Rain. Isn't that a strange thing to be grateful for? (Especially for one who lives next to a watershed!) But last night was magical, listening to it needle into the windows, making our house seem like a haven from the elements.

5) Bialys. The actual bialys were a gigantic hit, the filling, not so much. The next batch I think I'll eliminate the salt and do some sort of cinnamon/brown sugar stripe through it. More like the bagel braids I remember from when I was growing up.