Saturday, 29 November 2008

is there a tree under there?

I caved.

Da tree is up. In all its white-lighted, ornamented glory.

It started out as a small thing - one of the nurses and I were talking about Christmas decorations, and I thought Ooh, I should get those out tonight. The kids are so excited, and they're bummed I'm being a hard-ass and won't get out the tree until December first.

Then, of course, half the decorations were tucked away in the tree box and once the tree came down from the attic it was all over.

But I learned several things tonight.

First, the begging and pleading goes four-fold when Cass and Rosey unite in a common goal.

Secondly, mention Christmas decorations and they'll clean anything. Cheerfully. (It was a little eerie, actually.)

And they're awesome at ornament hanging. My tree makes sense this year.

Lastly, I'm screwed if I don't get a second tree for next year. I have a collection of Christmas ornaments. Bear has a collection of Christmas ornaments. The kids BOTH have collections of Christmas ornaments. Collectively, we have a metric ton of Christmas ornaments and I know we're going to get more every year, what with grandparents and great-grandparents and teachers and other family members.
This year, we didn't even take any of the new ones from last year out of the boxes.

I need another Christmas tree. And it's not even December yet.



Mike said...

My wife says buy some garland and hang the extra up on them. I say time for a garage sale...

Posybunny said...

Umm...where is the photo? :)

Must have photo.

Suzanne said...

To borrow from the various boards:
this post is worthless without pictures! (Just kidding, but I wanna see!)

We're the same, maybe 2/3 of the ornaments make it on the tree.

jenontheedge said...

Each of my girls has her own little tree for her room and each girl has her own collection of ornaments for said tree.

Save your photos -- I'm going to post about the Holiday House Tour on Monday.

Isabelle said...

Gosh. I'm fairly - but not quite - speechless. When my kids were small - well, even now, now I come to think of it - I never managed to get the tree up till a week before the day. Too much else to do, plus we have a real tree so that's man's work (I know, but I do most other things to do with Christmas) and first enlist your man.

You're going to be very tired of that tree come Christmas.

And a tree for each child's bedroom?? I feel very old.

jAMiE said...

My sister put our tree up last weekend, early even for her...enjoy your tree!

coastrat said...

Hey, why don't you send me your address so I can send you a couple more Christmas ornaments...? JKidding!

blackbird said...

I've seen that garland/ornament idea and it's very pretty!

Ree said...

And yet? Where is the picture?

alison said...

I get around this by getting a real tree each year, so my house isn't decorated until mid-December. But I'm with you on the excess of decorations. They didn't all make it to the tree last year, I think we'll have to rotate them, cause I'm not getting another tree.

Mary G said...

What Alison said. I do a gold themed and red themed tree in alternate years. And since we have a 15' ceiling, I get a lot of ornaments on. But not all of them. I have thought about a second tree and then banged my head on the kitchen counter for even thinking about it.
Picture! We all want a picture.

Magpie said...

I have so many ornaments that half of them don't end up on the tree.

Woman in a Window said...

HA! I have five. Well, not yet, but I have two right now. One real big one to come. Two small real ones for the kid's rooms but they'll be garage sale finds this coming summer. Enough with the cutting down of trees. FIVE! And I still leave some ornaments in the box!