Thursday, 8 May 2008

why yes, a photography course is a good idea

Un-broke my camera tonight.

Yip, I've been frantically putting new batteries in it, screwing and un-screwing the lens, checking everything over, because noooo my camera can't break right before Niagara Falls and the kids haven't touched it and I didn't break it and WHY ISN'T IT FOCUSING ON IT'S OWN and nooooooo

and then I read the directions.

And on the side of my lovely, mondo-expensive camera? Is a twee little lever with the letters AF and MF written on it. Automatic Focus and.....Manual Focus.

Guess which position it was in?


alison said...

Whew! It's such a relief when something seemingly disasterous has a simple fix.

I had one of those aha moments with my dishwasher once.

witchypoo said...

In this case, reading the manual would work. No photography course necessary.

Erin said...

Heh. Whoops!

So glad that it was a simple fix!

Jenty said...

LMAO! Sounds like something I would do.