Thursday, 15 May 2008

and a cloud went o'er the sun

I worked most of the day,

then we did a little of this...

then we went home and played Crazy Eights and did puzzles until bedtime.

A bucolic afternoon.

I read this post, watched the clip, and then couldn't hide the tears welling up in my eyes from Cass when he swooped in for 'One more kiss, Mom'. After making him understand that Keith Obermann wasn't yelling at me, I ended up trying to explain what he was yelling about.
Oof. Not an easy thing to do with a primary student.

And somehow I thought we'd be having the sex talk first.

But sex talk or no, this is important stuff. And I think he understood that I have questions about why the war began, but he lost interest when he figured out this was all happening in a land far, far away.

I can forgive it from him. But I can't forgive it from myself.

Go. Read Mr. Lady's post. And think of something you can do.


Anonymous said...

It starts with voting. Americans have horrible voting percentages -- far too many people sit on their tushes on Election Day and don't cast their vote. I think that unless you're mentally incompetent or giving birth or on life support, you have a moral imperative to vote.

womaninawindow said...

Such a complicated time...I can tell you that I am a pacifist Canadian who was living in the US during 9/11 and the media machine down there severely f'd up my mind. We moved up here just after 9/11 and it took awhile to shake my head loose from the propoganda in the States. My husband was shocked to learn about America from the outside in...It's all not as easy as an outsider might think. It is a very powerful machine down there...very invasive...forgive yourself...

MsCellania said...

Join True Majority, Move On and other organizations that ARE making sure voices are heard. Better yet, support them with $$$$$ to help them pass the message.

Jess, are you an American citizen or Canadian now? In any event, VOTE

Caro said...

Her post made me hang my head. :(

I vote but always feel it's a choice of the least heinous politician.

I guess we are a pretty pathetic generation.