Saturday, 3 May 2008

25 things of which I never tire

by Schmutzie, via blackbird, from awhile ago (hey! It's the weekend! I'm allowed to use my post file sometimes!)

1. Hot tea in my favorite cup.
2. Backrubs.
3. Coca-Cola in a big glass with ice.
4. Getting into a clean, freshly made bed (new sheets!) with new pajamas on, right after a shower
5. Listening to water - the bay, the river, the ocean
6. Putting my cold feet and rump on my built-in-furnace (aka HotBear)
7. Taking pictures
8. Old linens - the feel of them, the way they look, the way they remind me of my great-aunt and great grand-mother
9. Being called to bed by the cat*
10. Hot sunny days that smell of green things and possibilities
11. The Kentucky Derby. ** Also, hearing My Old Kentucky Home sung.
12. Roasted chicken. Ala Joke. Or Badger.
13. With roasted tomatoes ala Kim.
14. Crossword puzzles
15. Being the last one awake in the house.
16. Highway driving with the radio on. (Note: This isn't city-highway driving)
17. Reading with the kids. Or even better, being 'read' to.
18. Baths.
19. Seeing neighboring wildlife, like Harrison, the squirrel that lives in the tree right outside, and the deer in the orchard.
20. Good chocolate. Dark chocolate.
21. Baking (and mixing, and kneading) bread - it's a way to clear my head
22. Good smells: Green grass, coffee, the kids, lilacs, lavender, the ocean.
23. Kitty zen. (I know, I know, not supposed to blog about the cats so much, but he has the most wonderful comforting basso rumble purr - sends me right off.)
24. Spotting something wonderful in a second-hand shop.
25. Fine-nib pens.

Do you have a list?

*Every night. The first inquiring mmm-row?? comes between 10:30 and 11. Then the big yellow kitty gets progressively pissy (and louder) if B and I don't come to bed already, damnit! Around midnight he stomps downstairs and fixes us with yellow eyes o'doom. (Clearly his hoomans have lost their mindz.Sleep dis way!)

**And oh, wasn't it awful today when they had to put that poor filly down!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I need to give this some thought and see if I have a list of 25.

I agree with you about the fresh clean sheets!

womaninawindow said...

Good to get to know you. It's these simple lists that become us, or are the undoing of us sometimes. I keep scrolling down to that beautiful picture of you and your brother. That is so clearly a MOMENT. And you 2 are so clearly beautiful. I envy you those 2 things.

BabelBabe said...

OH NO! I watched the Derby but we were at a party and the TV got turned off right after the race. I am so sad. She was the first filly to race the Derby in something like 10 years. I am crying for a racehorse, how pathetic am I? Oh that poor little filly.

Cat, Galloping said...

our cats do the same thing! they get crazy and annoying until we go to bed.

Ree said...

I cried for Eight Belles. She was a beauty.

caramaena said...

How adorable is number 9!

tut-tut said...

5, 15, and 18; I agree.

blackbird said...

SUCH a good list.

imaginary binky said...

I could have written this. So many of these things are just the bee's knees. Beautiful! And, today I WAS the last person to wake up. Ah, delicious days when the man takes the baby.