Tuesday, 13 May 2008

extreme fireblaster monster trap

God, I love this kid. Cass's* class is in a study that is focusing on how boys learn from their fathers (or male role-models) in their lives - each week he brings home a giant zip-lock full with a new project, and then B and he tackle it. There have been games to play, books to read, posters to make, poems to write...it's been fun, and great for Cass to spend some special time with his Dad.

This week, though, I've been drafted to help with part of it.

This week we needed to (re) read (there are houses with little boys who DON'T have this book?) Where The Wild Things Are, discuss it, then draw either a monster...or a monster trap.

Ladles and gentlemaracas, I present to you...


From far left: Cass, with remote control for machine. Monster. Then the FIREBLASTER, then a scarecrow, wearing a hat made of....chicken.

The way it works:

The monster, smelling the chicken (you can see the scent wafting around his head) steps into the trap (over the orange bombs.) Roaring his terrible ROAR and gnashing his terrible TEETH, he heads for the scarecrow (wanting a nosh on the yummy chicken apparel - he is apparently just as fond of roast chicken as Cass is) and is brought up short by the (multicolored! fierce! huge!) EXTREME FIREBLASTER. There is a BOOM!!

Dust settles.

Cass then leaves the scene of the carnage, grabs the baby monster, and donates him to a zoo. (Where one hopes he'll be fed lots of chicken and given some bereavement counseling.)

You have to admit if there were a few EXTREME FIREBLASTERS (um, and monsters that liked chicken??) around, the war would be long over. And the zoos would be full of monsters.

Oh - and Cass wanted me to know when I tucked him in at night that he'd ONLY use the EXTREME FIREBLASTER (yeah, I know, enough with the capital lettering) for good.

Not evil.

He'd never, for example, use the EXTR....mmph... machine against...say, his sister.

He'd rather give her to the baby monster to play with.

*I LOVE how Blogger spellcheck still insists this should be ass's. Is that even grammatically correct?


Walking With Scissors said...

Will you run me out of town if I admit that not only do we NOT have that book in our home, but that I have never read it? You would? Uh. Heh. Well, forget I said anything. I love that book. I sleep with it under my pillow. *cough*

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Baby monsters orphaned by the extreme fireblaster will have a lot of issues to deal with.

witchypoo said...

This project is very empowering for kids. Now he will know what to do if he has bad dreams.
It falls under the loose category of art therapy, and I think we need lots more of it in our schools.

womaninawindow said...

How cool is that? Projects with dad! Who would have thunk it? Obviously working with dads gets the monster catching instincts aworking...So relieved he won't use it on his sister. Good sense of responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Yep, he's ALL boy.

DD said...

Man, I LOVE children's artwork. How else can you permanently capture those wonderful brain synapsises (see? is that correct? say "My ass's synapsises!" 3x really fast!)

Ree said...

I love the new header!

alison said...

Perhaps we can borrow Cass's monster trap for the occasional monsters that hide in Rachel's room.