Monday, 26 May 2008

memorial day

Remember our dead today. Remember that they were once people too, not just names, not just uniforms. Remember that they once played hide-and-seek in wide open spaces

Stared up at the blue, blue sky, watched cloud animals
(and probably thought about painting their houses, too)

And made up their own funny walks and dances and hummed little songs to themselves.

Remember today.

Think of them as people, not just guns and spit-shined boots and peaked caps or quiet coffins, all in a row.


witchypoo said...

I always think of them as people with vibrant lives. I grew up on military bases, have brothers and a son in the military.

coastrat said...

Your request was so wonderfully put. It looks like it was a beautiful day in your neck of the woods.

Christy said...

Yes. We are all so much alike, yet even in identical uniforms, each individuals.