Saturday, 24 May 2008

roaming through michigan, circa 1949

Oh, this makes my heart hurt. This neat old movie spotlights the area I grew up in. Actually, we used to play hookey and go to the Dunes (although we never went over them in dunemobiles, 'zactly) and the movie also mentions Traverse City, my old stomping grounds.

(sniff) Some days I miss where I've been.


womaninawindow said...

Michigan?! I thought you were from the east coast? Michigan! That would explain a lot! I find Michigan very like where I live right now...mostly the Upper Penninsula, though. But still...

Ya, home.
I sure missed it when I lived in the States. So many homes over the years. Roots grow deep!

coastrat said...

What a neat old movie! The area around traverse City reminds me of Door County, Wisconsin. My wife and I used to love going up there for a week and just doing nothing. We always had to bring home a gallon or two of cherries, in those gallon tin cans. Thank you for finding this old clip and sharing it! said...

here via blog 365:
That was NEAT!
I was born in MI in 1947 and lived there until 1970. My family would camp on Lake MI every holiday weekend. No reservations at the state parks so we would arrive about 4 a.m, in Saugatuk get in line and hope. If that campground filled, we would move up the lake until we found a spot - often driving as far as Pentwater.
Senior "skip day" at High School was at Sleeping Bear Dunes!
A really awesome place!
A movie like this makes you forget the long hard winters!
Thank you!

Spanglish said...

Old man Myers amazes me... the bear whisperer.