Wednesday, 19 July 2006

spam, spam, everywhere a spam*


From: "Isabel Cooper"
Subject: No place like home disembowel

You can bet I was in a hurry to read this e-mail. After that subject line, what were they selling - ginsu knives?

Alas, another poorly spelled missive about refinaaancing, mortgagee, and my creedit. Caash out if I qualify! (And how does someone misspell cash and not qualify?)

No, thanks, really. I'll stick to the knives.

*Do this, don't do that, can't you read the spam?
Admit it, you'll be singing it all day too.


MsCellania said...

They misspell intentionally to get by your filters.
I delete anything IMMEDIATELY if I don't know the sender or if there is an iffy subject line, or no subject line.

Spam, replacing junkmail as the universal stroke maker.

Susan said...

But really, wouldn't you prefer your disembowlings to take place at home? So much less mess.

Or something.

PBfish said...

Sweet! There's nothing like a little home disembowelment to get a party rockin'.

Sarah Louise said...

You mean I'm not getting that Disney holiday or cell phone they keep spamming me about???

Spanglish said...

I started watching the miniseries "Elizabeth" on HBO over the Spring. I had to stop because there was a scene that showed a treasonous Catholic conspirator being disembowled. He was alive, strapped to a flat, wooden platform. The Queen's torturers pierced the would-be assassin's belly with a hook, pulled out the intestines, and then used what looked like a gigantic spool to slowly wind the guts out as if threading a gory bobbin.

I had nightmares for days.

No place like home disembowel indeed!