Tuesday, 8 February 2005

February 8, 05

The title for this is 'days go by', - a reference to the Talking Heads song. My life right now is a long cry of 'The same as it ever was?' and 'My God, what have I done?'

I'm Jess. I have two kids - the big boy Casserole, and the small girl Posey. Three cats - Panda, Chumba and Katie, an old dog, Kansas, and a husband - Bear. Somedays I look at myself in the mirror and wonder:

"How did this all happen?"


Anonymous said...

Stop making sense and it will be all right and you'll have even more fun. But then again your appreciation of the lyrics shows a proper degree of not making sense and having fun.

Sarah Louise said...

same as it ever was...water flowing underground.

How I love that song!!