Friday, 22 July 2005

A mermaid, she isn't.

Rosey's first dip in the ocean! And it was low tide, and the sand and the beach went on for miles, and the sky and waves were this gorgeous blue color, and the water was freeze-your-ass-off-cold. And she hated it.

Cass, of course, since he is part fish, loved being in the water. And of course, getting all wet and shrieking wasn't nearly as fun as going in deeper when Mommy came to get him. (And I think I mentioned this, but the water was so cold it hurt.)

As a total aside, I used to be amazed that people here lived by the **ocean** and completely took it for granted. Now I know why - it's too frigid to swim in!! It's like the cooler at the end of the party...

By the end of the night, Cass was a big, sandy, one-reason-away-from-falling-apart ball of tiredness, and Rosey was clinging like a limpet to both Dh and I - I suspect she thought we were going to set her down and leave her there.

Photos courtesy of Bear, who never seems to use the zoom function on the cameras....

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