Sunday, 4 December 2005

going to war

The battle has begun.

You see, the dreaded sniffly cold has hit my house.
Cass is whistly (haul out the puffers and the mist machine, yo ho ho) and Rosey seems fine but had a croupy cough this morning. Both will be just fine, given a few days and some cough medicine.

My husband, of course, being the bearer of the mutant gene that makes all illnesses on the house rebound off everyone else and land on him full force, is whinging and whining about how horrible he feels, how terrible, how awful.... and yet I can't help but notice how perfectly happy he is to wallow in the recliner, flipping channels with a languid hand.

Flinging germs at everyone right and left, I daresay.

Any attempt to get him to 'go lay down, for godsakes!' is met with a manly sniff and a cough and pronouncement that he is feeling

a little bit better, but still pretty awful.

He may yet be traded in for a newer, more germ-resistant model.

I have the Mommy-gene (it's like a shield. Zing! Off, damn germ! Ching! Off, ribbons of pus!) to protect me.

Mommies are the protectors of the house.
Our plastic likenesses should be sold as action heroes, complete with suitable action attire and deadly weapon.

I have no symptoms of cough or cold. I, alone, will have to man the battlefield with my trusty medicine dropper and tissues, a roll of cough drops jammed in my hip pocket.

But I don't think the towel tied around my shoulders is going to impress any bad guys.

To the trenches!


Wisconsin Crunchy Mama said...

I'm right there in the trenches with ya. *sniff sniff*

julia said...

Oooh, the boogermonster has invaded my house, too, and so far, (knock wood, turn around three times, go outsie and spit) I'm the only healthy one.

Lily's Mama said...

Luckily, we have avoided any illness here so far (and I say that with crossed fingers hoping that it will stay away!)
As for the doggie at our house, she is excellent with Lily. That is the main reason that I get a Bernese Mountain Dog, because of their personality. They have such a great disposition and they are not aggressive at all. I teach Lily to be gentle with Zoey and have respect for her but I am sure that Zoey would let her rip her ear off and not even flinch. I am such a dog lover, I can't imagine being without. Just do research before deciding on a breed to make sure it will be right for your family.

bean and sprout's rep. said...

oooh... tell me how your bug in canada has invaded our small home in oregon?! argh. i'm swearing off the church nursery... i'm going to stop going completely maybe. i don't understand how they expect parents to be okay dropping their munchkins off when they always show up with a runny nose, mild fever and other symptoms that only the hum of a humidifier can relieve. damn them.

daysgoby said...

We are Canadian. We're steathly. Someday, we're going to take over your country and make you talk about moose respectfully!!
(oops, did I let the cat out of the bag??)