Tuesday, 30 September 2008

robots from the sky


Guess what Cass wants to be for Halloween. Guess. Just guess.
Bumblebee. And not the fluffy little honeybee I originally thought, either.
No, (sigh) my son wants to be him.

And he would dearly love if I could suit him out with one that transforms, too. Y'know. In case I get bored with the challenge.

So now I'm scoping YouTube and DIY and all sorts of sites and getting a handle on this.

I think.

Rosey? My literal-minded, not given to huge flights of fancy baby girl? The one to whom flowers are pink, not blue, and dogs are brown not red?

Wants to be a purple kitty.

Which I can handle.

I think.

With wine.


Stomper Girl said...

That is the first time I've seen this Bumblebee dude my kids keep going on about, so thanks for that. I think you could do something with that, a few boxes painted yellow and black....

Ree said...

Just spill your wine on her white kitty costume!

Anonymous said...

Zoey is going to be a penguin. I wanted her to be a ladybug, but I fell in love with the penguin costume (and Jeremy is a big fan of penguins so I couldn't resist).

I bet purple kitties are the best.

Jeanette said...

OMG good luck finding a costume!

Isabelle said...

I'm so glad that when my children were wee, some random stuff from the dressing-up box was fine for guising (as we call it in Scotland - going round neighbours' doors and singing a spooky song for apples). None of this fancy costume pressure.

Anonymous said...

Purple kitty: purple pants and shirt, purple fleece tail (no sewing), purple felt ears on a purple headband.

As for the other, I have no clue.

Vacant Uterus said...

Could be worse...he could want to go as McCain and Rosey as Palin.

Drink up, mama!


(Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Anonymous said...

...trying SO hard not to laugh here...

womaninawindow said...

dun,dun,dun, dun...trying to convince my girl to be a cat. She's not so sure. I'm thinking I KNOW i've got some black sh't laying around here somewhere. I'm not telling her about purple kitties!

May-B said...

Now that I've seen it, even I want to be Bumblebee for Hallowe'en. Seriously. that is AWESOME. And, it is official, I am a 9 yr old boy.

Erin said...

Yeah, my kids are going to be a doctor (Emily) and a cheerleader (Lucy). Both costumes are store bought and NEITHER kid had input.

We don't really do Halloween as a family (religious stuff from my husband) and so the day is limited to a MOMS Club party and that's about it.

Good luck with the costumes! You can do it!

crazymumma said...

fucked. That was my first thought. Then I thought no. With enough sleepless nights and spraypaint and boxes and glue and fake fur. YES! She CAN and WILL do It, because now she is one of us! She has joined the secret club they never told you about when you were innocently pregnant.

Welcome. My friend. To the Dark side.