Thursday, 11 September 2008

marking the day

Seven years ago:


I was still in bed, and B called up to me.

Jess? I think you should come down.
His voice was funny, somehow - tight, and concerned, not his usual get out of bed, lazybones! banter - enough to make me lumber up out of the blankets, and plod, grabbing the handrail the whole way down, to the main floor.
A plane flew into the Trade Center.

The baby kicked. Oh? I yawned. That's awful. Was it someone learning how to fly? Because that happened before, you know. I shuffled out to the kitchen, intent on my morning banana shake*. I was heavily pregnant and just bent on getting through the day.

I came back into the livingroom, sipping.
No. It was a big plane. Then his face went all un-hinged and shocked and he whispered
Oh, God.

And the second plane came out of nowhere....

I just remember being so afraid, so afraid, and trying to keep the turmoil in my head and not let my pregnant body know I was stressed, frightened beyond belief that this was the end of my country (because what else would happen? surely the other shoe must drop now?)

and muttering to the child still tucked up inside me

Don't come out just Please God don't come out.....



Motherbumpers' feisty baby G went off to preschool (click that link for her daughter's first few days, told with the legendary wit and style of the bumpahs)and I scribbled off something about R's latest friend, Dinner Roll.

Yes. Dinner Roll.

He's a new character, and I've been asking R what they do - apparently, they play on the bikes and the slide and have snack together at school.

Honey? What's his name? His name can't be Dinner Roll.
(thinking: What mother would be so cruel?)

DinnerRoll! His name is Dinner Roll, mama! I stand corrected.

The area I live in has a penchant for Celtic names, and I've been racking my head for a few days, trying to figure out what on earth Dinner Roll could be a permutation of. Was it Celtic? Ethnic? Were there exchange students at the preschool?

Today I finally asked. Cornering the director, I blurted out Who is Dinner Roll? She looked thoughtful for a moment. 'Nicole?'

No, R says it's a boy.

Her face lit up. 'Daniel. It's gotta be Daniel.'

Apparently, not only is Daniel R's new bestest bud, he's been introducing Rosey to everyone as 'This is my girl-friend Wosey.'

I can't wait for that engagement announcement.

*Pregnant people! You will never have leg cramps! One banana, enough milk to fill a glass. Whirl in blender. Add shake of cinnamon. They're yommy. (Except when you've been living on them for months.) Milk=good bones banana=potassium, which helps lessen and relieve charlie horses. You're welcome.


Sue said...

*chuckling* Dinner roll! hahaha. That's so sweet!

Chantal said...

My first was 1 month old and I remember waking that day and wondering what on earth was going on. I kept changing the channels and seeing the same clip. It took me a while to process it all.

Vacant Uterus said...

I remember Sarge calling from Korea. That's as far as he'd made it after flying back to Japan from Newark Airport on Sept. 10th. I remember thinking "just one day later and it could have been his plane..." And then he said "I love you, remember that. I won't be able to call you for a while." And eight months later our whole lives changed as his brain was permanently, life-alteringly damaged because of the war that started that bright and beautiful September day.

womaninawindow said...

At least dinner roll doesn't include any blasphemies. My daughter used to call our cat Foxy, Fucky, to everyone's horror or amusement. Depends on which side of the fence you're on.

witchypoo said...

Now that the skeeters are gone, I think I will eat more bananas. Been getting wicked charlie horses, but have dairy intolerance.

nomotherearth said...

I love that you were trying to find out the Celtic from which Dinner Roll originated. Love.

Stomper Girl said...

Dinner Roll is a family name on my Dad's side!

September 11 was a scary time to have new life around you, even on our side of the world.

Isabelle said...

Our second daughter was in the air as the planes were being hijacked. She was going to Sweden, so was safe, but we didn't know that. Terrifying for us - as well as tragic for so many people.