Saturday, 6 September 2008


Yesterday morning the local rental place brought down a woodsplitter. Yesterday B started splitting all the wood that will hang out, collecting spiders and quietly making dirt reside in our building until we burn it this winter.

Yesterday the kids ran around and joyously flung sticks into the woodshed. It was fun, you see.

Today is....not so fun. Today feels more like work and less like we're working near dangerous machinery! Today is more of a grind.

I should have known the kids would find some way to liven things up.

Rosey, the fashionista, was clad in a red flowered top, red and white polka-dotted shoes, and a loose white skirt. When told to go change, she carried on for a bit. When I got tired of reasoning with her (when, oh WHEN am I going to learn that reasoning isn't her strong suit?) I reached out and tugged at her skirt, knocking it down so it rode dangerously low on her hips.

'THAT'S why, R.'

Rosey may not be flexible, but she's not stupid. She gets that clothing that falls off is too big.

Did I mention that the firehall across the road from us was serving breakfast that morning? There was a group of fireman (enjoying a smoke break - don't get that but....oookay) and their wives loitering around the doorway.

So when Rosey ripped down her skirt to her ankles and marched off to the house (incidently taking her panties with it) she had a good-sized audience to witness her anguish at not being able to wear what she wanted to.

Always with the last word.

Or moon.


Anonymous said...


One day, you can tell her future husband about the time she mooned a fire battalion. I'm sure that story will go over well.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, when our kids were younger, and I was younger, we burned wood. Another man and I put up wood together, and it was a tiring, but fun, experience. I have always enjoyed being out in the woods, and harvesting dead or dying trees was a way to actually help the woods to be healthy, and provide heat for our home at the same time.

The fire battalion incident is hilarious!

witchypoo said...

Mooning the firefighters, right on Rosey!
I always enjoyed the woodsplitter work. It developed muscles and a feeling of well being.
Then we harvested a feed of mussels and drank home brew.

jAMiE said...

Very cute!

I hope you get your work done quickly so you can enjoy the rest of the day.

Ree said...

Snort. ;-)

crazymumma said...

ahhh yes. the drama. All the better with an audience.

(and congrats to grade one boy!)

May-B said...

Nicely done, R.

Major Bedhead said...


Why do children love to be naked? It does baffle me.

wblmom said...

Oh my gosh, to funny.
How did you keep from bursting out in laughter????

womaninawindow said...

I can just imagine her stompy feet and her jiggly cheeks. Fun!