Tuesday, 2 September 2008

bonne et heureuse semaine*

I had insomnia last night, and cruised into work on three and one-quarter hours of sleep. My system never really recovered from the incredible not-sleeping baby (R still doesn't like bedtime) and I'm (sorta) used to it. I drank a lot of bad coffee today at the hospital, and managed to keep everything straight. (Go me)

The trickiest part of my day today was when I picked upmy bright-eyed and bushy-tailed kids from where they've been running outdoors! jumping! playing freely! , hoisting their exuberant butts into the car, and fielding the half-a-million questions that immediately begin as soon as I grip the car wheel.

I'm glad they're curious about their surroundings. But usually they're both so wound up they talk over each other in their quest to be heard and understood, so I end up hearing things like:

'Mom! My friend Ainsley-
has a new playstation-
....and Barney said-
how come I don't have a
and Dad come home for dinner tonight?-
....I found a cricket!
Can we have cookies??
I played with the scooter -what, we have cookies?

and by the time I hit the highway there's a subtle tic starting to beat under my right eye and all I can think about is

chocolate. (Angels sing)

And fifteen minutes to myself.

Mom? Did you have a good day?

Maybe only fifteen minutes of quiet, though.....

*As the little paper bit says, have a happy period. Such a lie.


womaninawindow said...

Oh boy, tomorrow. It all starts again, the squabble in the backseat. Thanks for this, i had forgotten. umph.

Anonymous said...

I understand completely. Sometimes I have to ask the girls to please, pretty please, let me have a few minutes' peace.

Sue said...

I completely understand, hon.

Happy period my butt!

Stomper Girl said...

I find the babble preferable to the sound effects, my kids sound liek they're exploding or firing weapons and it's REALLY annoying when we're driving. Especially since we have a no weapons as toys policy in our house.

Suzanne said...

I feel your pain. At home, I escape into the iPod every once in a while.

Have A Happy Period in French? Never thought of the differences you have bing in the Great White North. I suppose it's a good thing I don't see those anymore. The way they were prior to surgery, there was not a darn thing happy about it!

M&Co. said...

I hate that commercial.

Mike said...

It doesn't change much as they get older. Can't sympathize with the period though. Other than I watch my wife (from afar) and am totally amazed she doesn't remove the head off of some child when they question her...

apathy lounge said...

Have you seen the "faux" letter in response to that campaign where the paper strip on the pad doesn't say "Have a Happy Period"...but instead..."Put down the hammer"? Hilarious!

Ree said...

The happy period? Such.a.lie.