Monday, 22 September 2008

not a dyson

Saturday night was the kids tball game 'under the lights'. The local town invited us out for one last game - with a barbecue beforehand - it sounded great, and the kids were really enthused. There was a slight hitch when the game was delayed until almost eight pm, leaving the field foggy and the air turning frigid. The weather made watching the game harder....All the parents huddled together in the bleachers and shouted random things at whatever red-shirted kid we could (barely) see streaking around the bases.

But they did love it, and hot dogs eaten under the sodium lights? Really COOL.

My mother used to talk about how my father, when they were first married, would give her appliances for birthdays and anniversaries. They were usually funny stories, and we'd laugh.

Well, my mother has become my father. This is the second microwave she's bought me. And a vacuum.

Me: Mom! Get away from those Dysons!
Mom:But they're so nice!
Mom: Yeah. And they're nice!
Me: (whispering) I'll bet. Mom, THERE IS NO CARPETING IN MY HOUSE.
Mom: But they suck up everything!

Salesman: Uh, can I help you?
Mom: My daughter wants a vacuum that doesn't suck.
Me: blink blink
Salesman: Excuse me?


Loth said...

You're in luck. I happen to own one of those. Pop by and pick it up whenever you like!

womaninawindow said...

What a sweet (misguided) lady. I'm wondering how old your mom is. I was just thinking about mine and holy crap, she's 70. When did that happen?

M&Co. said...

Oh man! I'd ask if I could have the pink one! Gotta love a pink cleaning appliance.

witchypoo said...

You must be the only other person on the planet besides myself who has no desire to own a dyson.
I have a 1973 Electrolux green machine, and it still works a treat. I haven't had a carpet in my place since 1990.

meggie said...

LOL!! Gotta love mothers!

Ree said...

Wow - they're over $500 here! Can you send me a Dyson?

Vanessa said...

I just have to say, I LURVE my Dyson and my house is mostly hardwoods. It's fantastic!

coastrat said...

I love the commentary between you and your mother! You gotta love'em!

crazymumma said...

I'll take the Dyson.

Caro said...

Only 200 for a Dyson? Who cares if you don't have carpet. Snatch it up and sell it to me!