Wednesday, 10 September 2008


I love word games.

My parents started me out on a game called simply 'Dictionary'. The leader opened the dictionary to any page and read out a word. Everyone playing then wrote down a made-up definition of the word while the reader wrote down the correct definition. The leader collected the slips, read them all out, and then people had to guess what the correct definition was. The zanier, the better.

Then came circle-a-words, crosswords, acrostics, and word jumbles. The pleasure of solving things in pen and ink!

These days I have less time for pen and paper, (although I keep a crossword puzzle book next to the bed - it's great for those nights when you can't fall asleep and suddenly it's 4 am) and it's mostly the computer.

Scrabble, scrabulous, word whomp, scramble, ladderwords, wordcube, wordtwist, any and all. I'm not wonderful at them, but I really like them.

Which is another reason I'm not sleeping right now - too many games, too many friends.

Wanna play?

*Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, of course!


barbra said...

I discovered a website for picture puzzles:
and boy, am I in trouble!

Stomper Girl said...

well you know I would play you at online scrabble, but hasbro got all xenophobic on our asses.

Loth said...

Cryptic crosswords and logic problems with me. Maybe we need to start a word-addict support group?

womaninawindow said...

Dictionary! Hey, that's what Balderdash was developed from I'm guessing. One of our all time favorite group games that leaves us with pee-pee drawers. No alchol required.

Me - sadly, no time for games. I can barely keep up with my reading of blogs.

Sue said...

That sounds like a neat game I could play with my family!

I love word games!

Magpie said...

I play a lot of Scrabulous...

Ree said...

Do you play Word Whomp on Pogo?

Chantal said...

I have a friend who writes cryptic crossword puzzles. Last year he was published twice!