Friday, 6 April 2007

i've begun this badly

Our church has no Sunday School. That partnered with general parental laziness means that Cass and I are having some interesting conversations about Easter.

(in the car)

Cass: So today is Good Friday?
Me: (passing car) Yes.
Cass: So when does the Easter bunny come?
Me: Sunday. Sunday is the day we celebrate Jesus' return from the dead. God brought His son back to life.
Cass: Like Panda? Are we getting Panda back?
Me (SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT) No, sweetie.
Cass: What happened to Jesus?
Me: Some bad men (wincing away from the subject) umm... killed him, and God brought him back so he could say 'Look what a miracle God did! It helped people see how wonderful God is and what miracles he can do. Then God took him up to Heaven.
Cass: So the Easter bunny comes to leave candy at our house so Jesus will come back?
(silence while I try to formulate a response that makes any kind of sense)
Me: (brightly) Oh look! We're here!


Posybunny said...

Nothing is more humbling than trying to explain religion to a child...

Leggy said...

Yeah, what the hell does the easter bunny have to do with Death & Resurrection anyway? I've always struggled with that one.

julia said...

The Easter Bunny has nothing to do with Jesus and everything to do with the pagan celebration of Spring. Bunnies = fertility.

Don't tell him what the candy represents unless you want to start his therapy session now instead of letting him pay for them himself once he's an adult.

meggie said...

I remember my small granddaughter saying to me. "Wait, there was a cave, & he was dead & then he got up & then he left?"
"What about holes in his hands & feet?"
"What happened to the sheets he was wrapped in? Is that all he had to wear?"
She was a practical little girl- a bit like her Nanna, who prefers Grimms Fairy Tales. They are more believable.

Stomper Girl said...

Whoa! I've been having those sort of conversations this weekend too. I really didn't want to be the one who explained crucifixion to my 6-year-old. But he asked about the hot cross buns, and the next thing I knew...