Wednesday, 4 April 2007


I've done so much laundry lately.

The spring weather confuses the husband and children into yanking everything out of their drawers (Do I need a sweater? Maybe I can get away with just a long-sleeve shirt...) where it all mingles with the dirty pyjamas and gets swept up into the laundry baskets.

I'm also in the midst of creating giant bags of Salvation Army stuff, (crap these kids grow fast) which will sit on my sun porch until I remember to take the damned things in (fall? never?) and with the '3 bag limit' imposed by the local branch, emptying the sun porch of clutter could take awhile.

Even with the mountains of old clothes I am hauling away my daughter has more clothes than God ever intended.* Does she really need an entire dresser drawer full of short-sleeve shirts? (This is not counting the drawer underneath it full of long-sleeve light weight shirts, or the drawer full of pretty summer sets.) Do t-shirts multiply in the dark like bunnies?

And another thing. She has more underwear than I do.

Now how is that possible?? She's not totally toilet-trained yet, while I have had years to amass cotton goodness...

So not fair. At least the dryer doesn't eat my socks.

*That's this minute. If I turn around, she'll have grown into another size.


Liz said...

:-) The season transitions generate sooo much laundry. "I'll wear this short sleeve shirt with a sweatshirt over along with my jeans. But then when I'm home from school I'll really want a pair of shorts, so I'll kick these jeans into the corner along with the sweatshirt I peeled off at school and dragged all the way home. Then later as it cools I'll decide I really need a long sleeve shirt so I'll leave this short sleeve one in a heap in the bathroom.....It's a good thing Mom likes to do laundry!"

Erin said...

For some reason, my daughter's pants seem to breed. Not all of them, just the non-jean, sweatpant-like variety. And it's a really good thing I haven't yet done the long-sleeved to short-sleeved clothing swap for her yet, because it SNOWED over night. We're back to onesie undershirts and long sleeves and big heavy jackets. Hopefully this is short lived, I was really enjoying spring.