Saturday, 7 April 2007


Okay, I'm nice to the kids and I poop outside and I whine to go out
and I bring toys and I only leave teeny-teeny holes in things
I'm not supposed to and I go in my crate with no hesitation
and I don't eat the car seats or the couch
and I don't bounce around in the car and I don't bark.

So what the heck is this?

I am still a dog, y'know.

A dog that -harrumph!- likes jellybeans. Y'know, in case anyone drops any.

Hoppy Easter.


meggie said...

Isnt he gorgeous!

Molly said...

Yeah! Why don't you give a dawg a break lady.....Memories---when our first lab was a puppy she chewed her way through textbooks, record covers, chair legs, shoes, my husband's hands.......And labs stay in puppyhood a LONG time! Snicker, snicker...But how could you stay mad for long with the owner of eyes like those?

Angela said...


VERY Cute!

wordgirl said... could be worse. I could be an Easter bonnet.