Thursday, 12 April 2007

national poetry month

I'm considering moving to Canada to live on an asparagus farm.


Doesn't worry about taxes or puppies or rent
Just grows and thinks greenly


I'd love to be sensible
I'm tired of the same people, the same expectations
The same taxes

I'd like to be sensible, tall and green
Straight and singing to a cloudless sky.

In Canada they have such farms, where the workers don't care
about death and taxes and whether we'll war


They go about their work, craggy faces full of peace
Hands caressing the singing spears.

(from years before I met B. Life is ironic sometimes.)


Molly said...

How poetic and direct and prophetic!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Let me see, you are now in Canada. You got your wish! How are you doing on the asparagus part?

meggie said...

Life has strage ways of biting us!

Anonymous said...

You should plant asparagus just because...

wordgirl said...

Hmmm. Asparagus. Not my favorite. How about carrots?

Joke said...

I'm with LGS. What about the asparagus?


Suse said...

Straight and singing to a cloudless sky.

I do like that.

daysgoby said...


Actually, there are a few wild plants that sprout up in the backyard (must remember to pick those this year) but not a farm, no.

They're tasty.