Friday, 20 April 2007

and some days are too be-yootiful not to share

The last three? four? five? days have been rainy and cold - but today is blue and soft and the air is crisp and the whole day feels like a gift.


meggie said...

Oh Jess, I know those days! We get them now & then in Autumn, & occasionally in Spring. Magic can happen on a day like that.
I could feel it!
Wonderful post.

velcro said...

We (being my family) say days like those are like a morning on a Greek Island. Cool but you know it's going to warm up and become a beautiful day.

Lily'sMama said...

Yes, the sun was certainly a welcome sight yesterday!! We were starting to feel quite housebound with all the rain and crappy weather! Come on warm Spring!

Erin said...

Gorgeous. We're finally getting some of that stuff, too. I've had the door to the deck open all day today. Heaven. And this weekend is supposed to be wonderful. Yay! Spring is finally here!