Saturday, 21 April 2007

dance party mom

I got up this morning (with the chickens!) Kissed the husband goodbye, did a few things, then decided I was going to begin today with music.

So I tip-toed upstairs, picked out the danciest* music B and I have on our computer**, and woke the kids up with something bouncy.

The boy and girl reacted well - much, much better than I ever would have. As I outlined what we were doing today, they be-bopped around and the girl did an impromptu shuffle.

I was trying to rally them towards getting dressed when I heard the lyrics behind me.
Usher was saying something about 'Shorty' and 'Milking the cow' and 'on top of me' and what??

Hmm, pr'haps not so appropriate. Cass groaned when I turned it off.

'Moooom, I like that song! It's about a farmer and his friend's cow.'

I considered for a moment, then shrugged and turned it back on, visions of Mr. Greenjeans getting down with his bad self going through my head....

Eh, so it's inappropriate. One day isn't going to kill them,
'specially since it's my birthday,

and EVERYONE must dance.

(I'll let you pick your own music. Usher's Yeah! if you want to dance with us.)

* Not a word. I know. But 'most dancy' seemed horrible too, so I'm winging it.
**a pretty pitiful selection, actually. And now I know why.


Sarah Louise said...

Hippo birdy two ewes!! What a great way to celebrate YOUR day!

My vw is boomp, which must be some sort of dance reference...

Stomper Girl said...

I've just done a special birthday tap-dance for you. It was totally groovin'

Have a great day.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Happy Birthday! Even though we are only pretending at dancing together, I probably have by now stepped on your foot at least half a dozen times. So sorry!

cce said...

I like it...starting your b-day with a dance track. Usually My Better Half likes to DJ our weekends. Not always appropriate but always interesting.
Happy Birthday.

Badger said...

Happy birthday! I play all sorts of inappropriate music when my kids are around. They are notorious for mangling lyrics anyway, so they have NO IDEA.

MsCellania said...

Happy Birthday, Jess! Hope you have a fab day with your 2 little gorgeous ones.

meggie said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!
Noone says it any more, but,
Many Happy Returns of the Day.
Enjoy your dancing.

Angela said...


We miss you!

Erin said...

Happy birthday!

Emily and I danced earlier today to "Yo Tengo Dinero", which isn't exactly the most appropriate, either. She can't understand the words yet, so I'm still safe... :)

Hope your day was a good one!

Beagle said...

Happy Birthday!

(cute story!)

stay-at-home mommy said...

Happy Birthday!

Caro said...

Happy Birthday!

I didn't know Usher was the cow milking type. Hee hee

My oldest when she was little heard this song where a guy yells, "Smack my bitch up."

She walked around singing, "Snap my picture." Phew!

I put ten things about all family members on my blog, per your request.

angelfeet said...

Oops! I'm late. but happy birthday, Jess. Hope it carries on and you keep dancing for the rest of the week

M&Co. said...

Happy Birthday! And what a nice way to start the day.