Wednesday, 18 April 2007

new math

Rain + more rain + more rain + howling winds + high tide = watershed filling up and river getting bloated (remind me, why do I live here again?)

Rosey's new barrette fascination + Cass's deep love of Star Wars = many and varied hair-dos (Mama, Hair like Princess Way-a!)

Cass and the Lego castle + Rosey's fast fingers = much trumpeting and running up and down of stairs (Moooooommm!)

Me + bad weather = unholy love of and consumption of cheese (as long as I have sweet, sweet dairy love, nothing baaaad will happen to moooo, er....meeeee)

All this addition? Wearing me right the heck out.


julia said...

Mmmmmm, cheeeeeeeeese.

wordgirl said...

Yes...the math would wear me out too, but nothing says love like cheese. Unless it's a rainy afternoon with a Lego castle.

angelfeet said...

Thank you. That made me giggle.

Sarah Louise said...

word problems? eww! But cheese? YUM. I love those laughing cow cheeses.

Yes, let's pray for SPRING!!!