Thursday, 19 October 2006

a little ditty

I will admit, my mind was elsewhere. I wasn't paying that much attention, instead thinking about what to make for dinner and which letters to mail out and oh God I forgot to do thank you notes! and so on.

It took awhile to register that C was whispering in the back seat. Humming a little tune. I switched off the radio and leaned back to just hear him.
Banging his toys together, he was crooning
"High heels, high heels.
I love my high heels."

I was pretty sure this wasn't on any of his CDs. And the last song the radio played wasn't about footwear. I cleared my throat.

M:Honey? Where did that song come from?
C: I heard it on television.
M:Really. What were you watching?
C: Foster's. Hey, I made a pumpkin today for you! It's full of paper. And I painted it orange!

(a few minutes of talk about his art project, then he started messing with his toys again)

High heels, high heels....

M: Hey, honey, what's that song about?
C: Cars.
M: Hmm?
C: Cars. Like my orange one.

The orange car? A Hot Wheel.


Molly said...

A bit of a glitch between his mouth and your ear....funny!

MsCellania said...

HA HA HA! We love us some Hi Heels around here too.

Hot Wheels - It's a boy addiction. They went from everything Thomas to everything Hot Wheels. Oldest even spent his Cherished Birthday Money on that silly radar gun! Which was RiDicULousLy EXPENSIVE. Which they barely plan with. Except to turn it into a weapon of dire death when there's too many boys and not enough weapons.

Anonymous said...

OMFG... for a moment I was convinced the child was going to have a fetish.

daysgoby said...

spang - I know! You have no idea the momentary panic I was going through....I don't even OWN any high heels, for goodness sake!

Liz said...

I do own a couple pair of high heels and my boys love stomping around in them. Perhaps I am doing more damage than I know!