Tuesday, 28 April 2009

yellow spooks them

B's been logging lately, using a chain saw, a tow rope, and the Blazer. It does speed things up to bring the fallen tree up to the woodshed and then cut it into lengths here versus chopping it up in the woods and then bringing pieces out. It strikes me as kind of....well, back-woods, but I guess it's all in the name of efficiency...

(and I KNOW I need to get pictures, I will, I will!)

And, in the continuing dead animal chronicles, last night C came running up to me as I yanked sticks (we's gonna have a brush fire next week) breathlessly announcing, all rounded eyes and surprised mouth - 'A BEE, Mom! A BEE!'

And, of course, Rosey started screaming (because obviously?? A yellow flying anything can be combated with utter and total panic - the noise stops the menace IN ITS TRACKS) and running around in circles, getting white faced and then tear-stained and the cries were ringing over the hills (curtains in the neighbors houses all beginning to twitch) and I sprang to see what was the matter and she was fine.

But still running in circles.

Between zooming around, she managed to fill me in. There was a BEE! In the GRASS! And Cass SAW it!

Explaining how bees like to sit in the spring sun and warm themselves and weren't a threat did NOT help - they were both still spooked and ready to freak out.

Finally, I asked them where they had seen the bee. Cass did some wild swooping gestures and I walked over, finding a tiny bright yellow spot on the grass. I squatted down and poked at it with a stick.

Cass was incredulous. 'Mom! What are you doing? It could sting you! '

I motioned him over.

Um, hon, that would be hard. This bee? Doesn't have a


Loth said...

Yeah, but that just makes them cranky, didn't you know that?????

Bec said...

This gives me some comfort, actually, as I always worry I've turned my kids into total wildlife wusses by raising them in the city.

It looks like they could have been total wildlife wusses no matter where we lived!

Ree said...

A decapitated bee? What decapitated it? THAT'S what they should be scared of! ;-)

Woman in a Window said...

Ha! Ree has it there. Beware of the insect with loppers!

My float said...

So...the first thing I read is

"B's been blogging lately, using a chain saw..."

and I was like - what the hell kind of blogging do they do over there in the country!!!

Logging, of course, would be vastly different.

A bee with no head, huh? Don't bees sting with their bums? I learnt that from a documentary. I think it was called The Bee Movie.

alison said...

Every year I have to give the same lesson: this is a bee, this is a mosquito/housefly/ladybug. Anything flying is regarded as being a possible stinging bee. It takes a couple of weeks of warm buggy weather before they calm down.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! As Art Linkletter used to say: "Kids say the darndest things."

Mike said...

You mean we have to be on the lookout for "headless" bees now?