Tuesday, 10 July 2007

roadkill revisited

On the highway coming into town there's a strip of rubber blown from one of the those giant truck tires. It's been there for a couple of weeks, perched almost at the top of a hill, looking twisted and rubberish as you pass by.

Except when you see it coming up the hill. Then it looks like a duck.

A perfectly fine duck, an alive duck - possibly drunkenly wandering too far out of its pond? Every day I pass by, thinking things about Superman and t-ball (Why yes, the kids are in the back, how could you tell?) and get a shock when I see it.

That poor duck! It's going to get hit! Ack! Must swerve! Then...ohhhhh. And I call myself all sorts of a twit and drive on.

This morning I was a few minutes early, so I stopped and prepared to kick it into the underbrush.

Aiming, I was startled by a voice coming from a car behind me:

"Hey, what are you doing to that bird?"


wordgirl said...

I once mistook a big stick in the road for a dog. A live dog. And I spoke to it while driving and told it to get out of the road. And then I felt very stupid.

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA -- I laughed at your post, and then laughed again at wordgirl.

Her Bad Mother said...


Seriously. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD (but cannot bring myself to use that silly acronym.)

You're a true humor writer. Seriously. Am still laughing.

kimmyk said...

You dork.

I always think mailboxes are deer so I can't laugh atcha too hard. But I am laughin' atcha know that.

kirsty said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! That is hilarious!!

meggie said...

Great story!

Molly said...

And you told him ,of course, that you were merely feeding it some bread, and what business of his was it anyway?

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Funny! I hope you brake for squirrels too.

Canada said...

That's hilarious!

MsCellania said...

I thought a big huge burned down tree stump was
I ran screaming away from it, yelping BEAR BEAR BEAR!
So you and your bird?
Not so silly.
As my vision worsens, I see animals everywhere. But I know now to keep my opinions to myself.
You did miss an opportunity to completely freak somebody out - you could've flung that 'corpse' at him!

Angewl said...

bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....trying to breathe... hahahahahahahahahaa