Wednesday, 15 April 2009

the giant jumperee

It was fifty-four degrees today.

Ahem. It was FIFTY-FOUR DEGREES today!!!!! And sunny.

It's funny - I forget just how good fifty degrees feels on your skin every year. Maybe it's because the last time we felt fifty degrees around here was when it was a low - definitely not worth celebrating.

But today there was rejoicing! And much running and looking at things - at the pale green veil that is just (just) starting to creep over everything, at the cool clear water still rippling behind the house. R and I went for the mail and spent some time walking over the old bridge that runs through the village. I'd never done that before - and now I can't figure out why not. Must take the camera next time, though....

And now I'm just about to light a (small) fire for tonight to keep the night-chill out, while Cass reads aloud ('There's a Giant Jumperee in Rabbit's bureau!') and Rosey rocks on her rocker.

I think it's now officially Spring.


Woman in a Window said...

Yes! And even at 54 I let my kids get in shorts. Swore I never would be you know, it makes them so happy to triumph over weather. Crazy kids. I'm wearing my woolly!

Mary G said...

It's here too. Ahhhh!

kittenpie said...

And a long time coming, too... The next few days look glorious here, too, and I am so happy to wear a light jacket, not a parka. At last!

My float said...

Oh dear, spring over your way means winter is definitely creeping closer over here!!