Friday, 10 April 2009

swanee river

And today while we were all out, enjoying the sun and exploring what havoc the beavers hath wrought (three trees down - big, thick chips as long as my thumb - fierce little buggers, aren't they??) Bear running the chainsaw and rrripping up logs into lengths for firewood and the kids chunking stones into the water and the fool dog dancing on his lead, wanting to simultaneously run full-tilt into the shallows and go find the most ginormous stick he could fit in his jaws -

(you know, the usual spring mayhem)

and a car pulled over and a man asked if he could put his kayak in the water.

B and I have been talking about finding a small boat for in back of the house - my father had (still has, I believe) a collapsable canvas kayak that I remember riding in, cruising on the lake, and I thought being able to paddle around would be a neat way Cass could feel grown-up and independant and free.* Of course the water is only there for a few weeks each spring and fall, but the expanse seems to cry out for someone to enjoy it.

And there he was. And when he was through, he climbed out and asked if my kids would like a try.

And they did.

And they'll always remember that. It was amazing.

And now I'm going to have to get a boat.

*While I could still see him and keep an eye on him, she said in a small voice.


Loth said...

How fantastic! We are planning to go canoeing up in Keji in when we get there in June. We are Scottish and therefore AWFUL at such things, but we enjoy the experience of sitting in a boat and going round and round in circles 15 feet from the dock.

Woman in a Window said...

What a very cool experience. I like it when people are nice and generous like this, on both ends.

kimmyk said...

how fun!
sounds like such a great family day!

witchypoo said...

There used to be a company in Hubbards that made kayaks. Things of beauty, they were.

Anonymous said...

Can we come live with you? Very jealous over here!!

Chantal said...

Ohhh they must have loved it!

kittenpie said...

I told Misterpie that when we have a cottage, what I want is a kayak, too. They look fun, but also good for some solitary contemplative time.