Friday, 3 April 2009

a tale of two days and catto del grando

So Wednesday morning I was shrieked awake by forty pounds of deliriously happy girl, all tousle-head and flying blankie 'IT'S MAX AND WOOBY DAY! IT'S MAX AND WOOBY DAY, MAMA!'

And after I peeled up my eyelids and it finally registered that the reason I couldn't see her wasn't blindness but that it was five-thirty in the freaking morning and it was still dark in my bedroom, she was too excited to go back to sleep.

I explained (rather patiently, I thought) that MAX AND WOOBY AREN'T THERE YET and NO, WE DON'T HAVE TO LEAVE NOW and LEMME ALONE, KID, YOU WILL BE AT ONE WITH THE BUNNIES SOON. Mollified, she went off to her room to tell ALL her babies about the rabbits and I fell back to blissful unconsciousness for another few hours.

So Wednesday night was all bunnies. And it was good.

Max and Ruby photo by Natalie Mansfield-Herman (thanks Natalie!)

She was blissful and excited and happy beyond belief.

Thursday, Cass and I were ready to see the monsters. And the aliens.

Cass is awesome to take to the movies - awestruck, doesn't yell or steal the armrest or the popcorn, and likes to watch the trailers (like his Mom) so a great time was had by all. An ice-cream rounded out the night. I think we'll be at the theatre a lot this summer.

Then there was today. The old girl Kate has been ill, so we hoisted up her stripety protesting ass and took her into the vets, where they dutifully checked her out. And what looked like thyroid, acted like thyroid but wasn't thyroid last year is now (taaa-daa!) thyroid.

And holy God, I think they charged me a set sum based on how many stripes the cat had.
Katie says: I love the vet. But let's have him come to our house next time.

At least this time they didn't want a sample.

It appears my grandiose old dame has finally become an elderly cat. She's earned it though - I've had her (we think) seventeen years, and our family would be poorer without her. So I will happily pay the vet bills as long as (I'm borrowing from Johnny Virgil here) she doesn't know she's sick. Even if that means pilling her. For the rest of her life. (sigh)

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings....


Auds at Barking Mad said...

Our pets are often times more than that, aren't they? As much as I bitch about mine, I REALLY don't know what I'd do without them, especially seeing as how we keep adding to the menagerie around here.

Give Katie a big furry hug from all of us here in the Asylum. old is your little one you took to the movies? We really want to see Monsters v. Aliens and take Imp, but being that she's not quite 3 1/2, are not sure whether that's a wise choice or not.

Woman in a Window said...

17 years! Hold that cat near! We lost ours of @12 years last spring. Looked loads like yours and I still miss him, the fat ole shit.

Max and Wooby looks like it woulda been fun...for at least one of you.

Molly said...

She looks like a wise old dame. And doesn't she wear her years well!

motherbumper said...

You have made the ultimate Max and Ruby sacrifice, my hat off to you.

Kate is lover-ly and tell me aobut it: the things we do for our cats, eh? Next time let me tell you some of our vet stories (and if my Dad is reading this, he knows which ones I'll start with: Ming). Btw - "a set sum based on how many stripes the cat had." - brilliant.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I enjoy reading about your juggling of life's joys.

Vanessa said...

I wish you the best of luck with the kitty. For pilling her, I recommend welders gloves.

alison said...

We just came back from Monsters vs. Aliens. The girls loved it. What they didn't love was the trailer for Land of the Lost that was shown right before it. Waay too scary for the little ones.

Kate looks like a lovely cat. I still miss my Elvis, whom I had for 18.5 years and who wasn't a kitten when I adopted him. I hope you can keep Kate for a good long time.

Suzanne said...

Those furry friends are worth every penny, even with it's the GNP of Australia!

We did Monsters vs. Aliens at the drive in and had a ball. It's great when the kids are old enough to sit through the whole thing, including the credits. (We're raising credit fans, thankfully)

kittenpie said...

Ah, she reminds me a bit of the cat I grew up with that left me with a soft spot for the stripey guys. Sweet.

And I think Pumpkinpie would do well now at the right movie and tried to take her to one a month or so ago, but in a giant parenting fail, there were no seats. Boo.