Friday, 16 January 2009

i like ice. Inside, that is.

We bought a new refrigerator last year.

Unlike the one we had, this one has an ice-maker. Not the fancy-dancy ice from the door kind (we thought we'd end up with a LOT of water on the floor, since they don't build 'em high enough to be out of the reach of the 'I'll Do It Myself' twins)

but really, having ice cubes? And not having to twist them out - or worse, pick them out with my nails - of the ice cube tray is heaven.

I'm still excited about it every time I get a glass of water.

You wouldn't think such a little thing could wow you - but it does, somehow. Amazing how a bit of water can do that.


The ice outside, though, isn't thrilling me. Oh wait - you've heard we're having a cold snap? That everyone is having a cold snap? Well, I won't talk about the (bitter and soul-less) cold. (At least not too much.)

But the ice. The ice outside. I've almost gone ass-over-teakettle twice now, and R has the first battle wounds - she slid down the sledding hill using her chin as a brake.

One of the men in my parish came to see me at the manse yesterday. He's 96 and stumps around in this weather with studded boots and an ice-pick cane. He's very comfortable being outside, which didn't stop me from watching him set off for home with my heart in my throat.

I like ice. Inside, that is.


Mary G said...

We have ice here too. And rubber thingies that pull over the boots and have studs on them. And ski poles. Otherwise, how would I get to the bird feeder.
It's supposed to mitigate here by Monday. If that's true, I'll send the system east, herding it on my broomstick.
An icemaker! Jealous.

Jen on the Edge said...

I like a basic icemaker in the freezer, but am not wild about the fancy stuff on the front of the fridge. Pete over-ruled me when ordering the new kitchen appliances and got a fridge with a water/ice dispenser. Damn thing came to us broken and now we have to call out the repair people. We haven't even moved in yet and the fridge I didn't want is already pissing me off.

kimmyk said...

sorry to hear about R and her "sledding" mishap.

i love ice. especially the lil crushed up bits and pieces of ice. not a big fan of the clunk clunk ice but i'll take it.

OvaGirl said...

eek that ice sounds scary. the outside stuff i mean. The inside sounds way cool and also...grownup!

aliceinparis said...

I know it IS cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I slipped on my driveway last year and got a concussion, now I shuffle along very carefully when the weather gets icy:( I think I need some ice picks for my shoes and maybe a cane too!
Cheers, Shelagh

clickmom said...

Want the boot studs like you can't believe.

Smart move on the ice maker, uh, now excuse me I have to wipe up the kitchen floor again.

May-B said...

We have had bitterly cold until yesterday when it got to just below freezing. Now we have it back low again and the whole city is a skating rink. Ugh. I hate winter sometimes.

BabelBabe said...

see, I LIKE ice. so much I thought I'd build a frigging ice rink in my backyard. And it has consumed me to the point where feeding my children and doing the laundry are minor concerns to Gah! It's NOT LEVEL! Gah! The ice isn't freezing properly! Gah!

Loth said...

I love ice too. We have one of the big fridges (known over here as "one of those american fridges") with the ice and water in the door. It is heaven. Getting it fitted was a bit of a palaver since our teeny tiny Scottish doors are a bit too small for such a butch muscly north American appliance and it had to have its doors taken off to fit through the door from our garage!

Poppy Buxom said...

I like ice. IN MY DRINKS.

But you knew that.

Ree said...

We have snow. snow. snow. snow. snow. and freakin' snow.

I can't even put it in my vodka.

kittenpie said...

When I was preggy with Pumpkinpie, I wore spikes on my boot and still managed to go literally airborne down the front steps and fall on my back. That HURT. I find the stroller helps, though, sort of like skating while pushing a chair.