Saturday, 7 June 2008

sometimes the news is funny

Today I was curling up to the internet, checking out the on-line newspaper...

Then I spit out my coffee on the screen and guffawed until the kids abandoned their Weetabix and came out to see what was the matter.

The main headline:

The next story's headline, directly underneath: (in smaller type)
Clinton urges supporters to unite behind Obama

After I stopped laughing, I realized that Big Brown, of course, is the racehorse (who didn't win the Triple Crown, alas) and Hillary would never use racial slurs - even in a semi-funny way.

Not today, at least. (Snark!)


womaninawindow said...

That's funny...on a couple husband's sitting here beside me reading while my pictures load from my camera (Ya, he says Hi) and I was just telling him what good photos you that one of the horse...
The Hillary thing was funny, too...

meggie said...

Loved this! Gave me a much needed laugh.
We are having guests... Gom has taken over the whole thing. On one level I am happy, I can relax. On another...bugger, he is bossy!

Sarah Louise said...

I needed a chuckle too. And to know that Twitter is still working.

Just watched clips from her concession speech.

And the Penguins dressed in street clothes and Pirates hats--they got a standing ovation before the Pirates game.

Anonymous said...

Those goofy newspaper copy editors; when will they get it right? Funny, this is!!!

Christy said...

Did you see McCain speak in New Orleans?

Positively painful, his stage presence is cringe-o-lishous.

I said to the girls, comparing him and Obama's speaking ability.

"Like black and white". Oops.

Night and day?

witchypoo said...

You can guess where my head is these days. When I saw go big brown, I thought someone was celebrating the end of a bout of constipation. First coffee. Hasn't kicked in yet.
And? The news makes me sad. I don't read or watch it anymore.

Deanna said...

Oh my gosh that is hysterical.

Liv said...


I was rolling while reading this. That's hilarious.