Saturday, 23 February 2008

public service announcement

An awesome article about the Canadian health care system

Just, you know, for reference. Because there's a lot of misconceptions being fed to Americans people about what it contains. A lot of scare tactics, some blowing dust up skirts.

And you should always know what the other side has going for it.


Sarah O. said...

I'm glad you posted this. My sister had a nightmare experience when she snapped her tibia in two at Jasper National Park and had to wait 3 days for surgery. I understand why much better now.

For once, I'm not being sarcastic!

Vanessa said...

Fabulous article, thanks for sharing!

M&Co. said...

I pay more than $700 a month, plus my $5650 a year deductible. I swear if I could find a job in Canada, I'd be so outta here. Margaret